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Cambro - New Products

Camshelving® Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack

The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is a reliable, long-lasting solution for any transport and holding needs. Made from the same durable composite plastic materials as Elements Series Camshelving®, this rack features heat-resistant rails that can accept a sheet pan straight from a 350°F oven. Due to the custom center-stem caster, this rack maneuvers easily around the kitchen and is more stable than traditional metal racks. Every single part can be replaced if damaged, ensuring a lifetime of service. The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is a whole new way to think about speed racks.  

  • Available in Full Size, Half Size or Undercounter models.
  • Select from 3” or 1½” rail spacing.
  • Holds full size (1826) or half size (1318) sheet pans.
  • Available with metal or plastic rubber casters. 
  • Lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. 
  • Easy to assemble, ships knockdown with factory assembled side rail panels.

Ultimate #10 Can Rack

The Ultimate #10 Can Rack is simply a better way to store canned foods. Made from the same durable plastic materials as Elements Series Camshelving®, this front-loading, gravity-fed system makes it easy to store and inventory cans. Use the Single and Add-on Racks to build exactly the can storage you need, from a single shelf to a full-size unit. Excellent use of bottom shelf space.

  • Fits all 24” deep Premium Series and Elements Series Camshelving.
  • Single Can Rack holds 8 #10 cans or 12 #5 cans.
  • Full-Size Can Rack holds 96 #10 cans or 144 #5 cans.
  • Lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. 
  • Easy to assemble, ships knockdown

Elements Series Undercounter Units

Camshelving Elements Series is made from durable composite plastic that is designed to withstand the harsh conditions in any storage environment. Configure your Camshelving Elements Series exactly the way you need it to fit any space, even under standard-height tables and counters. Easy to clean. Ideal for high-volume foodservice operations. All Cambro shelving comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

  • Rust proof. 
  • Ideal for use under counters or tables.
  • Available in stationary or mobile. 
  • Wipes clean and shelf plates can safely and easily go through any temperature dishwasher. 
  • Antimicrobial protection permanently molded into shelf plates to inhibit the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria.

Cam GoBox® Half-size Top Loader with Carrying Strap


Perfect for busy delivery operations, the Half-size Cam GoBox is equipped with a handy carrying strap for a convenient, single-handed carry. It’s also an ideal size for off-premise catering, corporate drop-off’s and satellite feeding.

  • Holds half-sized food pans and a variety of takeout containers
  • Excellent hot or cold temperature retention
  • Lightweight, durable and budget friendly


Cookshack - New Products

PZ400 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Cookshack introduces the first commercial pellet-fired, wood-burning pizza oven. Hand-crafted, artisan pizza has never been easier or tasted so good!

  •  A handcrafted pizza cooked over real wood flames is ready in just 3 minutes.
  • No need to turn the pizza or manage a fire with this pizza oven’s advanced controls. The technology you already love has been upgraded to deliver brick oven flavor with the press of a button. temperature variances are almost non-existent with the same technology we use in our pellet grills.
  • Versatile: The temperature range of 170°F-900°F means this oven is not limited to pizza alone. Give authentic flavor to calzones, quesadillas, Stromboli, desserts and much more.
  • Convenient: One of the primary benefits of the Cookshack Pizza Oven is its size. Most wood fired pizza ovens are bulky or need to be left outside. With the PZ400, there is no need to remodel an entire kitchen to add gourmet pizza since it can be installed under a standard commercial hood. 

Edlund - New Products

Helios KSUV Knife Sterilizer

Our new KSUV-18 Knife Sterilizer Cabinet provides superior sterilization compared to other methods or products using magnetic bars or metal racks to secure the knives. Our exclusive non-filtering clear slotted knife holder and special mirrored interior walls eliminate shadows on knife surfaces within the cabinet that could prevent complete sterilization. The easy to operate mechanical timer can be set for up to 15 minutes, but the KSUV-18 will safely sterilize your knifes in as little as 3 minutes with 99% efficacy**. It’s like a SPF-99 (Sterilization Protection Factor) for your knives.

Titan Series Max-Cut

 Edlund proudly introduces the first and only all-in one stainless steel Dicer, Wedger, Corer, and French fry cutter that replaces all those other products that leave you wanting more. 

 Our exclusive Made in U.S.A. patent-pending design lets you move quickly and easily from wall to table mounting with the quick connect bases. Plus, our quick change pusher and all stainless steel blade assemblies with protective wash guards feature the largest cutting surface available to make short work of your food prep tasks. 

 Add in heavy duty dishwasher safe construction, NSF certification, and multiple cutting options and you’ve got maximum performance from just one machine. 

 The Titan Max Cut from Edlund…..no other product can duel with it!

 BRV-320 Digital Portion Scale

Our BRAVO! BRV Series Digital Portion Scales set the new standard in affordably priced, high performance scales for Foodservice. With our new, Exclusive, ClearShieldTM Protective Cover feature, your scale can stand up to most any task while being protected from damaging grease, dust, and excess juices, which can cause corrosion. BRAVO!

• Model BRV-320 Display options include: 20lb x 0.1oz/320oz x 0.1oz/320oz x 1/8oz/10000g x 2g

• Exclusive ClearShield™ Protective Covers keep juices, grease and other food products off scale and display, keeping scale looking newer, longer
• Replacement ClearShield™ Protective Covers available in convenient 3 packs (Note: ClearShields will only fit Edlund BRAVO! Scales)
• Other models and capacities available
• Field recalibratable (Optional calibration weight available)
• Easy to use buttons include on/tare, mode/calibrate, zero, and off
• Larger, Easy-to-read LCD display
• Removable stainless steel platform for easy cleaning
• Auto-Shut-Off Feature
• UL/CUL/CE approved dual voltage AC Power supply or works with 2 AA Batteries (Batteries not included)
• Side Mounted Power Jack helps eliminate broken power supplies
• Power jack plug eliminates internal corrosion when used with batteries
• NSF Certified
• 1 Year Warranty
• Not legal for trade