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Cambro - New Products

Air Curtain Ultra
The Air Curtain Ultra maintains food and beverage temperatures at 41˚F or below for up to 2 hours with the door open. Designed with a smooth stainless-steel exterior and interior, with easy-to-clean covered corners for a professional look. Whether offering tray-line or room service, this mobile refrigerator is perfect for storing cold sides, desserts, drinks, and salads in your tray assembly area. Operators can quickly access these items without risking temperature issues. Removable tray slides ensure complete cleaning and ease in service, with tilt capability for serving cans and bottles. With multi-directional cold airflow providing an even temperature through the entire cabinet, the Air Curtain offers unmatched protection and quality in food service.
    Maintain temperatures at 41˚F or below for up to 2 hours with the door open
  • Select from 3” or 1½” rail spacing.
  • Holds full size (1826) or half size (1318) sheet pans.
  • Available with metal or plastic rubber casters. 
  • Lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. 
  • Easy to assemble, ships knockdown with factory assembled side rail panels.

Camshelving Premium Series Flex Stations

With 5 different configurations to meet take-out, delivery, and curbside staging needs, the new Mobile Flex Stations offer customized safety and accessibility. Easy to assemble, clean, and adjust to meet changing requirements, these racks can be accessorized with Cambro food pans, food boxes, GoBags®, and GoBoxes® to maximize capacity. Designed from incredibly durable Premium Series Camshelving, with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. Shelf plates are embedded with antimicrobial Camguard and can be sanitized via commercial dishwasher. Easy to maneuver locking swivel casters protect contents and users throughout transport. Organize your station and reduce handling using included ID tags, creating a flex station system all your own.

  • Lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion
  • Shelf weight capacity: 800 lbs (362,9 kg) per shelf
  • Included divider bars hold food pans and food boxes
  • Use to store GoBags and GoBoxes for efficient delivery
  • Shelf plates wipe clean or fit through a commercial dishwasher
  • Antimicrobial protection permanently molded into shelf plates
  • Solid shelves provide a stable surface that protects from unhygienic spills
  • Includes 12 ID tags for routing and identification
  • Withstands -36°F (-38°C) to 190°F (88°C)
  • Optional merchandisers available

Cam GoBox Flip Lid

Access only the items you need while keeping the contents of your GoBox secure with the new Cam GoBox Flip Lid. This durable hinged lid fits most Cam GoBox Top Loading Transporters and is specially designed for hot and cold mobile meal delivery
  • Access contents without removing lid
  • Recommended for mobile meal delivery
  • Maintains hot or cold temperatures for 4+ hours
  • Protect against contaminants and temperature loss
  • Lightweight design is impact and chemical resistant
  • Flip Lid fits EPP180SW, EPP180LHSW, EPP160SW, & EPP140SW

Decor Series Camtray

Feature a modern-rustic interior look and feel, and still enjoy the long-lasting durability of the classic Camtray. The Décor Series Camtrays are made with the appearance and touch of authentic woodgrain texture. Available in standard woodgrain textured surface and non-skid surface with clear EpicTread solution for safer handling, reducing accidental spills. Designed from fiberglass material, the Camtray is the industry standard for unmatched durability. Personalize this modern tray with a full color digital design to enhance brand recognition. 

  • Made of durable fiberglass material
  • Scratch, chip, and break-resistant for lasting service
  • Stain and chemical resistant to protect the design
  • Available in three standard tray sizes


Cookshack - New Products

PG500- Fast Eddy's by Cookshack Pellet Grill

The only pellet grill on the market that uses charbroiler technology, allowing you to get the same great flavor as the high-end commercial grade charbroilers.  If you can't see the fire, you're just cooking in an oven.  This pellet grill is stainless steel with front opening doors and has an easy to use front-access ash drawer which makes ash removal simple.  Leaves behind about 3% ash.  Proudly made in the USA! 

Edlund - New Products

Helios UC-C Sterilizer Cabinet

Our patented KSUV-18 Sterilizer Cabinet has been proven to provide superior sterilization for knives and other kitchen utensils compared to other methods or similar products that use magnetic bars or metal racks to secure those items. Our exclusive non-filtering clear slotted knife holding rack and special mirrored interior walls eliminate any shadows on knife surfaces within the cabinet and force the powerful UV-C light to bounce and reach every surface, providing complete sterilization. The easy to operate mechanical timer can be set for up to 15 minutes, indicating when sterilization is in process, but the KSUV-18 will safely sterilize your utensils in under 4 minutes with 99% efficacy.** It’s like a SPF-99 (Sterilization Protection Factor) for your knives.

Now, with the emergence of the corona virus, customers tell us they are also re-purposing the power of the UV-C light in an attempt to sterilize masks for re-use. While Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation has shown excellent results in tests on other, “similar” viruses, the CDC has not yet provided data on UV tests of COVID-19, and Edlund company cannot guarantee its effect for this purpose. However, we are hopeful their testing will indicate similar success.


Introducing our new addition to the exciting BRAVO! digital scale line from Edlund. Our BRV-HP30 model takes electronic portion/light receiving scales to new heights with more features and functions than competitive products, like 5 display options, extra-large LED readouts, 10 programmable memory buttons, almost 10”x 9” removable stainless steel platform, and built-in carrying handles for secure transport around the kitchen. It’s great for weighing items in the walk-in, and its 3 color LED indicator lights let you know immediately if your portion sizes are correct, over, or under their target weights. Its IP54 rating provides splash proof protection and our exclusive ClearShield™™ protective cover provides added protection and easy clean-up

 BRV-320 Digital Portion Scale

Our BRAVO! BRV Series Digital Portion Scales set the new standard in affordably priced, high performance scales for Foodservice. With our new, Exclusive, ClearShieldTM Protective Cover feature, your scale can stand up to most any task while being protected from damaging grease, dust, and excess juices, which can cause corrosion. BRAVO!

• Model BRV-320 Display options include: 20lb x 0.1oz/320oz x 0.1oz/320oz x 1/8oz/10000g x 2g

• Exclusive ClearShield™ Protective Covers keep juices, grease and other food products off scale and display, keeping scale looking newer, longer
• Replacement ClearShield™ Protective Covers available in convenient 3 packs (Note: ClearShields will only fit Edlund BRAVO! Scales)
• Other models and capacities available
• Field recalibratable (Optional calibration weight available)
• Easy to use buttons include on/tare, mode/calibrate, zero, and off
• Larger, Easy-to-read LCD display
• Removable stainless steel platform for easy cleaning
• Auto-Shut-Off Feature
• UL/CUL/CE approved dual voltage AC Power supply or works with 2 AA Batteries (Batteries not included)
• Side Mounted Power Jack helps eliminate broken power supplies
• Power jack plug eliminates internal corrosion when used with batteries
• NSF Certified
• 1 Year Warranty
• Not legal for trade